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Infamous Mothers 2.0

Complete Media Kit


Infamous Mothers 2.0

Complete Media Kit

Infamous Mothers 2.0

Introducing the Infamous Mothers Virtual Campus.

Introducing the Infamous Mothers Virtual Campus.


Infamous Mothers 2.0

In a nutshell, Infamous Mothers 2.0 is about addressing three problems for mothers on the edge of sanity and innovation:

  • barriers often associated with time and space

  • personal and professional development opportunities that do not take into account the entire woman

  • cultural and social constraints that become obstacles to women succeeding at home and at work

In order to truly understand and appreciate Infamous Mothers 2.0 (#IM2pt0), you must first understand a bit about Infamous Mothers 1.0 and the term “infamous mothers.” IM 1.0 is all about the coffee-table book, Infamous Mothers: Women Who’ve Gone through the Belly of Hell and Brought Something Good Back. It’s about the suite of workshops and classes, the conference, the book tour and the speaking engagements that grew from producing that particular book.

IM 2.0 is about the lessons and feedback we received from those experiences.

As the brand moves away from centering the book, we are focusing more on the following:

  • designing quality programming

  • offering technology that helps women overcome personal and professional barriers

  • creating media content that establishes us as influencers of culture and provide our niche population with a premiere platform

IM 1.0 focused primarily on black women’s struggle. That was never meant to be the totality of the brand. The Infamous Mothers concept was always supposed to honor BOTH the challenges women faced living on the margins of society as single mothers, teens moms, moms who abused drugs, moms who sex worked, etc. AND the triumphs of overcoming those challenges. We were supposed to learn more about their experiences of becoming doctors, lawyers, business owners…and highlight the good they are bringing back into the community.

IM 2.0 focuses on the SUCCESSES of “women on the edge” of both their sanity and innovation. The stories we tell, the courses we offer, the spaces we create, the tools we build all focus on promoting the success of our clients.

The Infamous Mothers brand originally focused on black women only. As we take our work to the next level, we are centering the voices, concerns and needs of black women, while putting them in conversation with women from other races, classes, countries, etc.

IM 2.0 is about intentionally taking an intersectional approach to building our brand.

The first iteration of the brand kicked off with a successful crowdfunding campaign. We raised over $25,000 to cover some of the costs associated with producing the Infamous Mothers coffee-table book.

IM 2.0 is seeking $250,000 in crowdfunding, and, we are inviting a sponsor to match that goal with another $250,000.

Our impact is bigger than it was three years ago.

We are raising the kind of dollars that will allow us to scale to That new level.

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IM 2.0 Up Close

Media, Technology and Programming

IM 2.0 Up Close

Media, Technology and Programming

Media, Technology, Programming

…because the real world is virtual



Because we understand that it is difficult to remember how powerful we are in a world that often underestimates us, we want tip the scales in our favor by creating our own quality media content via…

  • blogging

  • podcasting

  • producing documentaries

  • publishing books



As mothers, barriers to entering spaces are often high! Before we enter a space, we often have to think…

  • Is childcare available?

  • Is the space child friendly?

  • Are the hours conducive to my life as a parent?

IM 2.0 is overcoming those barriers by offering a virtual campus that includes these…

  • the Infamous Mothers website

  • Infamous Mothers University (IMU)

  • Third Space Virtual (a virtual co-working space)

  • IM Life (the Infamous Mothers App)

that’s available 24/7. There, you can look forward to…

  • a quality community

  • tools and resources

  • high quality programming

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In the form of “membership programs,” custom programming is associated with AND brings alive each piece of our virtual campus.

For the Infamous Mothers site, there is the Lolita program, and it is characterized by…

  • several clubs

  • weekly workshops

  • a bustling community

For IMU, there is the Jennifer program, and it is characterized by…

  • rigorous work around designing a mothering practice that honors your private dreams and public ambitions

  • signature and core programming

  • exclusive IMU community

For Third Space Virtual, there is the Sagashus program, and it is characterized by…

  • mastermind calls

  • professional development

  • bootcamps/challenges


What the Press Can Ask

What the Press Can Ask



  1. Why have you primarily become an online company? How does this shift fit with supporting women “on the edge”?

  2. What is a virtual co-working space?

  3. What makes the Infamous Mothers brand different from companies doing similar work?

  4. Why create an Infamous Mothers app?

  5. Why the focus on media, technology and programming?

  6. Why shift from a company that focuses on women “from the margins” to one that focuses on women “on the edge”?

  7. Why shift from being a company about black women to being a company about diverse women? What are the pros and cons of that switch?

  8. How many women are you hoping to reach?

  9. What are you hoping to accomplish with 2.0? What’s at stake if your don’t accomplish it?

  10. Why does this work matter?

  11. Whose on the 2.0 team?

  12. What will be the focus of the documentary?


Videos and Images

Videos and Images












Quotable quotes…

Because your mothering practice should be as cutting-edge as you are

“While we often talk about the importance of keeping the private and professional separate, the truth is, the private almost always have an impact on the professional. So why not just talk about it."

In a world and journey filled with uncertainties, you can count on knowing your children more than anyone else. Trust that knowledge. Stand on it. Build on it. Own it.

"Mother" is the root word of "mothering." It's about the kids, but it's about me, too.; I believe in healthy mothers because I believe in honoring the humanity of the woman as much as I believe in the humanity of the children.

We invest in mothers because the return is just greater.

It only makes sense to support mothers on the edge because in supporting them we are changing the game for all moms. And that's a good thing.

My mothering ain't all natural. It's part intuition and a whole lot of practice. I mother on our terms.


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Infamous Mothers in the Media

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