When I started Infamous Mothers, I kept telling myself that I was just trying to fill a void in the literature, just trying to tell stories about women like me who fit fully in neither respectable nor dis-respectable spaces. But, if I’m honest, subconsciously, I think I knew that this was going to be so much more.

In July 2017, with the help of people around the world, I raised $25,000 to help us print the coffee-table book that we ultimately titled Infamous Mothers: Women Who’ve Gone through the Belly of Hell and Brought Something Good Back. That success not only helped us accomplish our goal, but it made it clear to me that it was only the beginning.

Since then, we’ve accomplished so much. As promised, we traveled the Midwest on book tour, meeting women from all walks of life. We held our first conference, have spoken on many stages, presented a sold-out play (written by Coleman and adapted from the book), built Infamous Mothers University (our virtual mothering hub), and I have finally — FINALLY — completed my PhD. I’ve even grown a little bit of hair…Again, a lot has happened. Seriously. But as the saying goes, “The best is yet to come.”

Thank you for being with us this far…and I look forward to our journey ahead.


Dr. Sagashus Levingston