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Infamous Mothers, LLC is an education, media and technology company for women who mother from the edge of innovation and their sanity. They are the women who trailblaze, break rules, and change the game.

These mothers include CEOs, business owners, artists, activists…and stay-at-home moms. They are women who’ve both gone through the belly of hell and brought something good back…and they are innovative women who are going through hell in a world that often struggle to perceive women as both mothers and badasses.

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Our programming is similar to fresh, whole food. It’s high quality, full of “nourishment,” and sustains both your mothering and professional practices…Programming comes in the following forms…

  • memberships

  • à la carte classes

  • one-to-one coaching



Beginning in 2020, the Talk Back conference will transition from being a biennial event to annual event. The 2020 theme will be Welcome to the Spaceship, and the focus is on love, technology and entrepreneurship. The Talk Back is designed for mothers on the edge to train the trainers. These include the following…

  • policymakers

  • educators/administrators

  • healthcare providers

  • social workers



Founder and CEO of Infamous Mothers, LLC, Dr. Sagashus Levingston is a highly sought-after speaker. Her delivery has been characterized as inspirational, candid and eloquent. While she specializes in the following topics:

  • mothering/motherhood

  • entrepreneurship

  • authorship/publishing

  • diversity and inclusion

  • leadership