Contact: Sagashus Levingston, Infamous Mothers, LLC; (608) 287-8895

Upping the Ante: A Single Mother of Six Plans a 10-City Book Tour That’s Bigger Than Books

UW-Madison Ph.D. Candidate and single mother of six is on a mission to wake up, tap into, celebrate and/or mobilize the power of 10,000 women who mother from the fringes of society starting with gifting them her book through a program she calls One for Me. Two for Her.

MADISON, Wis., April 12, 2017 -- Raised on Chicago’s Southside in an area once known as the Low End, Sagashus Levingston is the single mother of six children. She’s black, full figured and bald headed. She’s also a PhD Candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, the opener for Women’s March-Madison (her speech was translated in German), the cover girl for the January issue of BRAVA Magazine and so much more. She is on a mission to inspire other women who mother from the margins.

Eight months ago, Levingston ran a successful Kickstarter campaign where she raised $25,000 to complete her upcoming book, Infamous Mothers (May 2017). Now she’s upping the ante. In March, she launched a campaign to raise 10,000 copies of it to be gifted away to vulnerable populations of women on her 10-city tour (August 2017). During this campaign, each pre-order comes with one or both of the following: a kit and/or programming meant to inspire listening, conversation and impactful action among women and people who support them. From a simple message to a full virtual retreat, called A Day of Listening, Levingston aims to facilitate meaningful connection.

The response is impressive. When people purchase books through the One for Me. Two for Her. program, for example, they not only have the option to buy books for themselves and other women, including strangers, they can leave a message for their unknown recipient. Sheba M. wrote, “‘No longer can the world sleep on your ability to stand at the forefront of innovation...You are a changemaker, a solution finder...I believe in you.” Jasmine B. wrote, “God gave me two hands. One to reach forward with and the other to reach back. By purchasing this book, I am reaching back in hopes that you at some point can and will do the same.”

For Levingston, Infamous Mothers sits at the core of a much larger effort. “While preparing to speak at the Women’s March, I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of women. And I was both surprised and deeply hurt to discover the depth of division among us. I want to use my book platform to help mend some of those gaps.”

Infamous Mothers features 20 unlikely, real-life heroines in our society: teen moms, baby mamas, single mothers, mother who experienced abuse and trauma, etc. They make a difference today as doctors, counselors, entrepreneurs, and more.  Each story is coupled with striking photography shot and/or edited by lead photographer Chris Charles whose work is featured in the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, among other prominent places. To learn more, contact Sagashus for a phone or in-person interview. Click here for her press kit. It includes sample interview questions, book excerpts, and more. You can also contact her at or at (608) 287-8895. Please visit her website at