Our Manifesto...Our Signature

In the mothering world, we do more than break the rules.  

We’re worse than outlaws. We’re infamous.  We are doctors, attorneys, business owners…professors, architects, engineers…artists.

Yet, we defy respectability.

We are baby mamas and single mamas. We have multiple children by multiple men…or we were teen moms. 

Some of us smoked crack, prostituted, stripped, and so on. We were your welfare queens and all the things that polite society shuns.  

But we’re still mothers.  

On the other hand, some of us are respectable. 

The circumstances that made us mothers are not. Our children are born from incest and rape. 

Sometimes it’s the conditions that shape our mothering that makes us disgraceful. We have lost our babies to the system—social services, prisons, education, and so on…

Some of us are poor.  Others are divorcées.

And sometimes, we are a combination of both.

We are disrespectful AND we bear children under circumstances that taint us.

We're not flaunting ourselves. We’re just done apologizing.  We’re done whitewashing or downplaying our experiences. And we're done buying into your idea of a happy ending.

We have our own.

Our grit is what makes us truly infamous. 

We survived.  We accomplished. We proved you wrong.

And we refuse to let our struggles be in vain. 

They empower our mothering, make us activists, fuel our education, shape our relationships.  For some of us, these experiences inspire our practices as teachers, nurses, actors, photographers, CNAs…writers.    

We make a difference.

If we sound like you, join us.