Being a “bad girl” of mothering is not just about the judgement that comes with being a single mom or teen mom…or a mom who abused drugs. It is about being a mom who is judged for not being a martyr, for aiming too high, for being too much of an innovator at home and/or at work. While all our offerings represent Infamous Mothers, Infamy360 is our flagship piece. In it, we use our “nothing’s wasted” method to help mothers own all of themselves—the good, the bad, the ugly.  This approach to your womanhood, mothering, and professional life will allow you to show up full and present for your dreams and goals. This series is designed to acclimate you to our complete program. It is great for professionals, students, stay-at-home moms and entrepreneurs that are experiencing our program for the first-time as much as it is for women excited about diving right in. Together, we will explore key mindsets and behaviors that will help you not only move more confidently through different aspects of your life, it will help you pursue your dreams, gain clarity around your mothering, and remember the value of you. Some of what we offer in the sampler of this survey series:

  • An Introduction to Nothing’s Wasted

  • An Intro to Building an Authentic Mothering Practice

  • Addressing the Relationship Dilemma

  • Is Your Coping Strategy Sabotaging You?

  • Light Over Shade