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We offer three membership for individuals:

  • the Lolita Program

  • the Jennifer Program

  • the Sagashus Program

We also offer three kinds of organizational memberships:

  • nonprofit

  • academic

  • corporate

To learn more about our programming and to become a founding member, visit our #imALLorNOTHING campaign through iFundWomen by clicking the link below.



Coming in 2020, we are offering one-to-one coaching for new and and seasoned mothers, mompreneurs and moms in the workplace. Our coaching will focus on the following (and more)…

  • building an authentic mothering practice

  • startups and mothering

  • accomplishing the impossible

  • negotiating your worth

If you are interested in joining our pilot coaching series at a special rate, please click the link below.


à la carte Classes, courses & Trainings

In 2020, we are launching several full personal and professional courses and series through Infamous Mothers University (IMU). These include the following:

  • The Infamous Mothers Signatures Series

  • Infamous Mothers Core

  • A Writing Retreat for Mothers

  • Love + Business

While we are not offering full courses until early 2020, if you are interested in participating in our pilot series at a special rate, click on the link below.