Sagashus speaking at TEDx Madison.


Because Mothers Rock...

I am a thought leader. I break down barriers around mothering and help create new, more relevant narratives ...

  • in our workplaces
  • in our communities
  • in our minds

I design talks that help us better understand how to harness the power of women who care for children.

We are care givers--and so much more.

Innovators, leaders...change agents in our society.  I don't just talk about the importance of more mothers--especially marginalized ones--becoming CEOs, doctors, scientists, business owners, etc.  I talk about strategies to make it happen.

Equally important, I talk about what's at stake if we don't.




Group / Organization Workshops

Group / Organization Workshops


You're the Expert...

Doctors, journalists, teachers...social workers are authorities in their fields.

But in your mothering practice, you're the expert.  

Own it!

Embrace it. Challenge the conditions. Use it as a platform. Resist. Love on the process...

Make it authentic. Make it yours.

You're humanity is non-negotiable...

While the rest of the world focuses on children, we put the "mother" back in mothering. We focus on you.

...because your life doesn't end when you birth one.

Our Workshops

Introducing our signature workshop series...

  • from Problem to Power
  • Legacy Makers
  • Self Care

We wanna help you create your own mothering handbook, and your humanity is part of the rules.



Corporate Training

Corporate Training


Be Brave...Revolutionize 

 As more female employees put in the work to "lean in," mothers are challenging businesses and institutions to "make room." Create the conditions that allow women who care for children to thrive as professionals.

Make Room is our signature corporate series. It's designed to help leaders across industries do three things:

  • value mothers in the workplace/professional environment
  • understand how your business or institution benefits from making room
  • strategize, implement and maintain a making room plan

 Some of the focal points of our training:

  • policies
  • training practices/leadership
  • culture

Ready to be become an innovator?

Click the button below, and prepare to Make Room!


National Conference

National Conference

Making Madison a New Kind of Hub...

In 2018, mothers from all over the country--maybe even the world--will be meeting in Madison, WI. Details to come...