We are so excited to launch the Infamous Mothers website!  We're glad you're here.  Thanks for taking the time to check us out.  The Welcome section of the website sums us up.  This space is for women who mother on the margins, who the "good mothers" do not actively seek out.  We are not PTO moms.  We did not do things in the right order.  People do not often give us awards.  But we're still here.  We're still moms. We still matter. And we still make a difference. Infamous Mothers is our space. 

This space is also for people who are not like us but who want to know more, want to supportor just want to "listen in." We want you to observe, read, hear. But we want to remain the dominant voice. So few spaces afford us that.  Please, let us have it.

Our imagery. There is some really cool things happening here.  For instance, the high quality photography that captures the strength, poise, seriousness and beauty of the mothers we call Infamous is not only intentional but important to our work.  So many women on the fringes of "good mothering" are represented as villains, ugly, cheap, etc. In addition to the stories created about us, the images are usually compromised. The photos are darkened to make us seem evil.  We are more often than not made to be caricatures. Our hair, lips, skin often go uncelebrated.  But not here.  We value the women we engage.  We value our struggles as well as our triumphs.  We try to capture that in the photography. We include faces and photos that are as striking, bold, powerful and beautiful as our women. We deserve it.  Thank you, Creative Silence, for making that possible. 

Gallery of Mothers. Speaking of striking and beautiful, please visit our first exhibit in our gallery of mothers.  It's called the Ratchet Housewife, a series of images featuring our ambassador, Tanisha Pyron.  Tanisha calls the woman in the exhibit Aunt Suga.  Who is she to you?  Why is she so ratchet?  But more importantly, why does she matter? The goal of our monthly showcases is to give the viewer an opportunity seriously engage black mothers who are often dismissed as stereotypes and clichés. It is an opportunity to think about them as real people, with real struggles and meaning.  It's an opportunity to face yourself, regardless of who you are, as you face them. You can check out Tanisha's interpretation of this woman and then come up with your own.  The trick is to, as our ambassador says, inhabit and become her as you try to make sense of her voice and her life. It's not to project onto her but to connect with her, to uncover her story.

Come to our events! Join Us is a sincere invite.  Our talks and workshops are created for mothers and the communities that support us.  We have something to share. And we want you to have it.  A strong part of our work is awareness raising.  The bottom line is this: Women who care for children face challenges that are specific to their roles as mothers.  The world should understand this.  And mothers should be able to face this reality in a safe space.  Our talks are where conversations begin.  Our workshops are where tools and strategies are developed and honed. Look forward to classes in the future and once-a-month get togethers called Late Night Gossip.  Join us, and revolutionize your mothering practice.

Responding to our work. Reviews seemed too blah for us.  So we named that section Testify.  We believe it captures our spirit.  We call; we respond; we bear witness; we testify.  Go there to see what folks are saying about us. 

We blog. While testifying is a very public thing, conversations between mothers are not.  Our individual mothering worlds are not.  Between Us is the section of our site that tries to move through what can be the isolation of our practice of caring for children. This space is meant to feel personal and intimate, like a discussion in your kitchen or living room.  It's meant to address the secrets, fears, anxieties and shameful thoughts we experience.  It is a deliberate space, compassionate and empathetic.  But we imagine it can also be frustrating--as the truth often is. Expect to find the voices of other mothers here, the partners who love them, the professionals who care for them and the family and community members who support them.  All of these people will have stories, ideas and thoughts woven into ours.  Don't expect them to come as the authority on our lives though!  We'll leave that to us.  Instead, expect them to contribute another aspect of the narrative...This is our communal diary or journal. But we don't stop at venting.  We work on solutions, goals and plans...collectively.  We empower our experience as mothers.

Tell us what you think! Contact Us means we are seriously interested in hearing from you! Please, leave us your questions, feedback, suggestions. We welcome your criticism as well as your praise. If there is something you'd like to see here, let us know.  This is our space.  Own it.  Make sure it reflects us. Reach out and make the connection. 

What to expect in the future?  Expect engagement. Expect hospitality.  Expect to come back for more!

Stay Infamous!